Thursday, April 10, 2014

Liebster award!

Surprise, surprise. A blog friend gave me this award.


Wanda  share her thoughts on the three B(s)

                            Blogging  from a faith perspective

I am so lucky to get to know here in blogworld.

Here are her questions for  me and my answers:
  1. If you could rent a time machine for a day would you like to revisit the past or be catapulted into the future? The last choice. I think I want to visit my time with God in heaven.
  2. What is  one of the best pieces of advice you ever received? Don't give up!
  3. Which color would best describe your personality? Maybe yellow because they say that I bring inspiration and joy to the people around me.
  4. What is one thing you would include on your bucket list if you had one? Travel around the world!
  5. What is something you once believed was truth but no longer do? Satans lies!
  6. If you were to write a book telling your life’s story what would you title the book? Cinderella! Actually, I had began writing my story and shares it in my blog: The title is " Cinderella." 
  7. What is something you would like to change on your blog but not quite sure how? The looks!
  8. When it comes to blogging do you have specific schedule or do you write when you feel inspired? Both!
  9. What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Home with my hubby...or doing handcrafts or reading books!
  10. What color are the walls in your favorite room of your home? light blue. Our bedroom:)
  11. If you had to pass along one word of wisdom to next generation, what would it be? " The best is yet to come. Explore, work, hope and love".
The rule actually is to make a list of 11 questions and pass on the five blogger friends.
But Wanda's questions are wonderful so if any of you want to join and answer her questions, be free to do so in the comment section:)

So I hope to get answers from more than five blogger friends:)

Ending this post with my prayer for the day:

Live today...our decisions today affects our tomorrows....
Father, make our hearts soft and sensitive for you TODAY.
Be obedient when we walk in the wilderness or in the flowering fields.
Let our hearts be always tuned in to you, 
so that we will follw your ways. 
Do not let us turn away from your words.
I pray that we encourage each other daily.
 As you inspired us with your goodness and marvelous deeds,
 let us also inspire others with your goodness through us. 
Help us to be bold and hold on until the end.
In Jesus name I pray.



  1. Hi Joy! Congratulations to you! You are a light to others, so I think yellow is the perfect color for you.

    If I could change one thing on my blog it would be the typeface. I don't get many options, and sometimes I'd like to switch the look of the words.
    I used to write for the blog daily, but it got to be too much pressure. Now I try to work on having a few posts 'in the bank' so I can work on other things.


    1. Ceil, you can install a google fonts plugin that will allow to change your typeface or the TinyMCE plugin.

  2. Joy, so glad to be able to learn more about you and to see that you have already started writing your life's story. And yellow is one of my favorite colors. I love tweaking blogs perhaps I can give you hand when you ready to give your blog a new look.