Saturday, April 19, 2014

Who do you think you are?

I heard someone said: Who do you think you are to preach about the bible? 
What knowledge do you have to proclaim that the words are true? You are not even perfect! Not a priest either.
Well, God made me whole! A life that was devastated. A body that was in the mud had been cleansed and restored.
A person with a zero knowledge, but God had given understanding to climb the ladder of succees.
An imperfect one that God is molding into perfectness.
A person that God helped in times of trials and needs.
Once had a sorrowful heart, but is now full of joy.
A lost person that found the way to life.
Feeling unworthy, but Jesus died for, to show that I am precious.
Yes, I have the right to tell about God's goodness, because I had seen and experience it in my life and that is all I need.



  1. Hi Joy! What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing these with us. I think sometimes the most powerful messages we get are from people who are not perfect. They are the ones who see the clearest that they need a Savior. That's you and me! Keep on preaching my friend. You never know how lives are touched by what you say.
    Blessed Easter!

    1. Thank Ceil for the comment and for encouragement!

  2. Great post dear!! I love that red dress, it's so beautiful!